Sensitive broadcasting of events of national and international importance is essential. We capture the spectrum of emotions from the joy and excitement of a Royal wedding or birth, to the solemnity of a state funeral or Remembrance Sunday. We understand the gravitas and ceremony of an event like the State Opening of Parliament.

Telegenic's careful observation and planning, our state of the art cameras, sound equipment and OB Units, and highly trained crew mean that such events are not only broadcast beautifully, but sensitively too. The sounds and images of the day are carefully recorded for worldwide audiences.

Our crew not only display tact, diplomacy and consideration when dealing with all parties involved in the event, but also aim to take that one evocative image that captures the whole day.


Our commitment to innovation and use of the most up to date HD and 4K OB units available, means that clients will always benefit from cutting edge sports broadcast delivery. Telegenic's specialised and highly experienced crew work closely with broadcast clients to ensure that they receive the best coverage attainable.

At Telegenic, we have earned our reputation by delivering outstanding sports broadcasts, covering premier events such as the Rugby World Cup, FIFA World Cup, the London 2012 Olympics and the Ryder Cup.

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Whether delivering a live or edited music broadcast, Telegenic makes sure that your audience will be immersed in a pitch-perfect broadcast, with all the thrill of the live event.

Experienced in filming major festivals, the concerts of top musicians and live TV broadcasts for prime-time viewing, we really understand how to deliver exceptional quality footage for you that not only looks fabulous, but sounds excellent too.

Using the most innovative technology available, our team of highly trained specialists will provide you with an outstanding quality of broadcast, to be proud of.

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Working closely with world-class organisations such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Royal Opera House and Saddlers Wells Theatre, Telegenic provides live to cinema and television broadcasts of high profile theatrical productions.

Our specialist theatrical crew works closely with a client's production team to make sure that remote audiences everywhere, feel immersed in a live performance. All the key elements of a theatrical production are delivered in UHD; including the director's vision, the actors' performances, the magic of the stage setting, atmospheric lighting and crisp sound.

Telegenic also films theatrical performances for Blue Ray and DVD.

If you'd like to extend the reach of your company's performances, please contact us.